Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWD on hold for awhile

Well it happened again. What you ask? Well, life. BUT this time in a good way, a great way, an awesomely awesome way. I am working in a cake shop and all my dreams are coming true! I know, it's awesome!

I had been working out of my home doing some sciency stuff and cake stuff for about 8 months, but that wasn't really working for me. The dogs told me I was driving them nuts and that this wasn't really where I belonged all day long. I was cutting into their nap time, toilet paper stealing time, etc... Thought they would've enjoyed having me around all the time? Oh well, I get it.

But as I've mentioned before I get overwhelmed very easily. So as I'm transitioning into the professional world again I am going to step out of the TWD and blogging arena for awhile. I will for sure keep an eye on everyone's creations and maybe once in awhile I can join back in. I have really, really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.

Thanks for letting me play.

Later buds.