Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWD - Oasis Naan

So we moved. Twice. In two weeks. I don't recommend it.

As I previously mentioned in a post long ago (my last post actually, which felt like a long time ago) we were moving to Colorado. Well here we are in Colorado. We did have to move twice, sort of. We moved to temporary housing for two weeks while I found a lovely place to live. And lovely place I did find. Much to my amazement. Thanks awesome landlord for picking us. Us with the sad puppy eyes.

We gave away over half of our belongings to my family and some to friends, packed up the rest in two much smaller than they look shipping containers and wished for the best.

These are the images they use for how to not pack:
Don't use bamboo sticks and cardboard to wedge everything in.

Don't stack really heavy stuff on top of flimsy totes.

Surprisingly nothing broke. Maybe these are the images they use for how to pack.  I doubt it.

Well we are mostly unpacked and mostly settled in. We've been to Ikea, ate the meatballs and now have a partially assembled house. I personally put together 4 Ikea items and broke one. Luckily it was a very inexpensive table that we were able to hide the error. 

I like Ikea. A lot. I plan on going back and buying everyone's gifts there. So what if you have to assemble a bookcase you didn't even want. It's a gift, you have to take it and like it.

Now on to Naan.


I am supper jazzed about our new kitchen. It's spacious and has good lighting and has working appliances! Oh and it's got a Bosch dishwasher, once you go Bosch you'll never go back. 

Making the naan in the kitchen was a dream. I'm really looking forward to all the Baking with Julia recipes. And I don't know if it was the kitchen or that this was a great recipe, but so far I believe it has been my favorite. We loved it. LOVED IT. The texture was perfect, tasted exceptional and was easy to make.

It turned out a little fluffier than the naan I've had in restaurants, but I can't consider that a negative at all. I plan on making this often and hopefully for my next dinner party. Oh yes, we will be having dinner parties at our new digs. Nice fancy cocktails, delicious aperitifs and  delectable digestifs - oh and I guess some food too.

You should come, it'll be fun.

But until I send out the invites, go here and here for the recipe and make yourself some naan. It'll help you prepare.


  1. Moves are rough - hope you are settling in well.
    Bravo for making the naan mid-confusion!

    1. Thank you! I almost put it off, but I think baking calms me down and helps.