Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TWD - Semolina Bread

A day late, a dollar short....

At least I baked the bread on Tuesday. That's something. Truthfully, I had time last night to blog about it. I had my pictures, but I was in no mood to write. And if I did, it would not have been a pretty post for you, for me or for my husband. Enough said.

But today is a new day. Didn't start out particularly awesome. Two out of the four household members managed to create some epic messes that needed special odor eliminating cleaners. Once again, enough said.

So right now we will push the reset button. Click. And here we go.

So tasty, Father Time you are a genius.

Semonlina bread, that's some nice stuff. I have a tendency to shy away from anything that takes so long to proof/rise/cure/ferment because...well I'm impatient. But as I push forward in this culinary adventure I have learned that time makes for some dang tasty stuff. This semolina bread is a nice example. I also made my own yogurt the other day (I guess it'll always be my own. I could just say I made yogurt). Once again, time rewards.

Pickles! I forgot about the pickles. They were quick pickles, but you do have to wait 24 hours before eating them. So maybe I've made it over the hump (haha today is hump day) and now have the patience of a sloth. That doesn't sound so good. Well they are cute.

Quick! Pickles!

Here are this week's host. I haven't had a chance to read both, but I will! So you go over and take a look and I'll go over and take a look and then we can compare notes.

Keep it Luce and The Way to My Family's Heart

Oh, I do have one comment. The bread is salty, but if you dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar you'll think you've just eaten at a twelve star restaurant. If you plan on eating it sans dip, then only use half the amount of salt. It's probably better for you anyway.


  1. So many bloggers mentioned the saltiness in P&Q, so I cut the salt in half. I enjoyed this bread. Your loaf looks lovely.

    1. Thanks! I'll for sure make it again, did you just use half the amount of salt?

  2. I wish I had remembered to cut the salt in half! Your loaf looks good!

    1. Your tomato basil loaf is next on my list!!!

  3. The pickles look good (so does the bread).
    I make my own yogurt & think it so much better that the store stuff (and a lot less scary).

    1. I just never imagined I would be able to do any of these things. It's quite empowering :)