Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TWD - Honey Nectarine Galettes

This time I'm going to actually talk about the recipe. No shoe mysteries or what mischief I might have gotten into last Tuesday with the authorities. None of that! This is all recipe.

Now I do reserve the right to talk about any recipe, so we will be discussing biscotti, bibimbap and galettes.

So I don't think I conveyed how much I loved the biscotti recipe or rather the idea of it in my biscotti post. I, of course, didn't follow the recipe. Instead I used ginger and black sesame seeds and I felt this opened up a whole new world of possibilities! I made walnut and brown butter biscotti, almond and candied ginger biscotti, banana bread biscotti and wrote down recipes for ginger molasses biscotti and many others I can't even remember now. I was crazy over biscotti. I had even started the planning for sales at the holidays. I was going to be rich. Still might, but probably not over the biscotti. I loved it. But the love quickly faded. I now love bibimbap.

What? How? What the what? I transitioned from complete lovedom of a crunchy, better dunkin' than a donut cookie to a Koren rice dish. Well I'm fickle. (BTW that's the name of my brittle that I sell during the holidays, I'll tell you all about it sometime.)

So fun to say and even more fun to eat.
Bibimbap is the mac 'n cheese of the Korean world (I mean comfort food-wise, not the nutritional equivalent). And it only took one bite for me to fall in love with the idea. Not so much the actual dish that I took a bite of but nonetheless this is how I work. It's so easy, just cook up some rice, saute some spinach and a few other veggies that please you and add some fermented chili sauce and an egg. It's awesomely delicious and I would like to think healthy. I implore you to try it, either at some Korean joint or in your kitchen. If you want to be really adventurous, pick up some quail eggs at the Asian store too. You will be going to the Asian store because that's the only place you'll get fermented chili paste (Gochujang - you really want some now don't you). And while your there, pick up some of these little gelatin things for desert. They're Vietnamese, but come on think multi-cultural!

Ok, now galettes. I woke up at 2 in the morning (my standard idea time) and thought about how instead of a pie, that I should make little tiny galettes with honey and tarragon and nectarines and dried blueberries. I completely went 180 with this recipe. Well more like 140, I don't know. I don't do math.

Now, before we go further...let's take a look at the actual recipe and what these lovely folks did:

Here's "That Skinny Chick Can Bake", Liz's pie and the recipe. And our other host, "Manchego's Kitchen, I Just Cook Here", Hilary's pie and the recipe.

I didn't use the pie crust recipe, I didn't use fresh blueberries, I didn't use sugar and I didn't make a pie. BUT I did use the nectarines so it counts.

iPad for scale only, I don't generally serve food on it or use it as a table...much.

And if every one of my 2 am ideas ends up like this...then Mensa you missed out on this genius! Tarragon and honey and dried blueberries and nectarines and topped with a little lemon glaze are brilliant. BRILLANT! Even if I can't spell brilliant, these mini galettes are.

Update 8/1/2012 - So I send my weekly baked goods (including TWD goods) to my husbands office. Let's face it, I can't keep that many things at home while being at home most of the day. Even if I wasn't home, I would be driving around trying to get home so that I could eat those said things. So off they go, out the door to willing or not so willing folks. Well I guess they are willing because I just received flowers from his office saying Thank You! That is awesome. Thank you for making my day :)

Thanks :)


  1. Nice job - I like the flavours you put together.

  2. Thanks! Your pie looks beautiful! Did you egg wash the crust? And looking at your biscotti post, I'm envious...the mint - genius. You should be in Mensa too!

  3. it's so beautiful that it definitely counts :-)