Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TWD - Bagels

Have you ever done distracted baking? Not the baking that you do to distract you from your woes, but baked or cooked while distracted because you had to. Maybe it was because you couldn't or shouldn't go out to eat again and should use that box of spinach that you picked up at the large wholesale bonanza store. Or baked because you have been neglecting your promise to the TWD group and you can't ask your sister to bake again because that would be wrong and you should save those favors for important things like kidneys or get out of jail cards.

Well I have been baking distracted. My poor, poor bagels. I barely read the recipe, couldn't have the patience to let them rise and my punches were weak.

These bagels didn't get the love that they should've and to top it all I also tweaked the recipe. So not much brain power went into my tweaking either. I switched out the sugar for malt and honey and added pumpkin spice instead of the black pepper. It sounds good, but I didn't really pay attention if those changes would suffice.

They didn't.

I know, just follow the recipe and you wouldn't have to worry about sad bagels.

sad, sad bagel

There's this song called "Sad Robot". This might describe my bagels. Sad, sad bagels.

But on an unrelated note, I am now the proud owner of green jeans. And not just green, but skinny, green jeans. Look out world, here comes Misses Green Jeans and her bagel top!

Where's the holes?

I'm sorry bagels, you got more love at Heather's Bytes I think.

So why am I distracted, it's a little thing called life. Sometimes it's just distracting for no good reason.


  1. :(

    Good plans gone bad. Bummer.

  2. Sorry for your sad bagels. Probably better for the jeans - things happen for a reason. Lol. :)

  3. They still look good. And great news about the jeans. That's better than bagels any day.

  4. It's not nice to smile at your disaster ...but you wrote your post in such a humorful way that I just couldn't!
    Hope you'll bake them again, taking all your time and enjoying the yummy result.
    Have you seen the videos? I've got them both on my post....They'll save you some reading.
    NB: green jeans are trendy :-)