Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TWD - Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

Radio silence. I know, that's what I've been broadcasting these last few weeks. I just didn't have anything to say. Without a TWD to write about, I just couldn't write.

A friend of mine yesterday told me that men's minds are like waffles and women's are like spaghetti. (I think it's a book.) Now, I don't usually prescribe to these types of metaphors, but spaghetti did seem to fit. I think it's something about how everything I think or feel gets involved in everything I do. So I've been kind of empty thus I had nothing to write about.

It is was it is.

Ok, no more.

So I have to say these muffins give me hope. I plan on them being my supper followed by a chaser of tomato juice. I need to have a balanced meal, right?

Muffins for dinner, emptiness, this is sounding a little Lifetime. Ah geez and I did watch a sappy movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant on Lifetime yesterday. This really isn't good.

Well I just pulled them out of the oven, hope gone. They have little sink holes in them. Is that another metaphor?

Maybe those holes are supposed to be filled with cream cheese?

Now I can't see the sink holes.

I think I'll order some delivery instead, how about spaghetti?

Easier Than Pie used the exact same pan as I did and no sink holes. Geez, it is a metaphor. Well the recipe is listed on their site, maybe make the muffins yourself and see what it says about your life.


  1. I wonder how that happened? How did they taste? I think you are ready for the brownies- they sound uplifting!

    1. yes, brownies needed now! They tasted ok, but in full disclosure, I use dry buttermilk and for the liquid I used apple cider. I think that made them too sweet.

  2. Some of mine had sinkholes too. Not sure why. But it did seem to happen to others as well. But I love the pic of the muffins upside down. They look like little top hats. Too cute. (could be a whole new muffin craze!)

    1. I like your thinking...it could be a whole new muffin craze!

  3. Hats! Cover them in chocolate and have a Lincoln party! Hopefully the brownies will bring you joy.:)