Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TWD - Gingerbread Baby Cakes

Holy black pepper! These cakes are like crack! Have you ever had crack? Well I haven't, but I understand it's really addicting, so I believe these cakes should be called crack cakes. That is how good they are.

I love crack...cakes!

Crack cakes have a cute little wrapper.

I've seen too many recipes, had too many desserts that fall short of the punch. When you say you are a lemon tart, please, please taste like lemon and have a little kick. If you are going to claim to have some ginger in you, then I better feel like I'm on Gilligan's Island!

These little lovelies, they do the trick. There's powdered ginger, fresh ginger and (wait for it) black pepper!

I am going to be putting black pepper in a few more sweet dishes from now on.

You all would be proud of me too, I only changed up the recipe a smidge and that was on the recommendation of the many other TWD'ers. There was much chatter about the molasses being overwhelming and this recipe called for 2 cups. That is a lot. So I subbed half the molasses with corn syrup and I believe that was the right call, it allowed the other flavors to come through nicely.

Oh and the texture of these genius bombs are somewhat like a brownie...isn't that crazy?

A ginger brownie.

It's a little christmas miracle.

Crack cakes also come in snowflake shapes.

Karen's Kichen Stories is this week's host. She has some nice pictures. Staging and all, I have my cooling rack that appears in 99.9% of my pictures. It's a nice rack though.


  1. Your crack cakes are great! Glad you replaced some of the molasses - it needed it for sure. I too thought these had a great "brownie" texture. :)

  2. Snowflake shaped cakes! Just when I thought the cakes couldn't get any cuter! These are adorable. Good idea to cut the molasses. I wish I would have done that.

  3. Interesting change, switching out some molasses for corn syrup. If I were to make these again, I'd definitely consider doing that. They were tasty, but oh so very strong! Lovely little snowflakes you've got there!

  4. Love the snowflake shapes. You 'cracked' us up reading your post. LOL.

  5. I wish I had subbed out half the molasses too! Great job! Please stop by my blog and register for the cookbook giveaway going on through Sunday! Blessings, Catherine www.praycookblog.com

  6. You made some of the prettiest gingerbread cakes I've seen. Love the shapes. Also read your brownies post and you made some really fun additions. Great cooking!