Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TWD - Pizza with Onion Confit

So I missed a TWD post. It was the Finnish Pulla. Why did I miss the Pulla? Well I pulla' my back. haha, sorry. I couldn't help it. I pulled a muscle in my back that prohibited me from doing anything except watch tv and be provided food. That's what the doctor told me to do (well I'm sure he would've if I had gone).

But in all seriouslyness, I couldn't stand upright for more than a few minutes for several days. We're just lucky I can take quick showers. I do plan on making it up and will be back on track with no missed recipes though!

Now check this out, for a whole year I've been baking and cooking out of this book and bothering readers with my overuse of commas. I think in all reality we're looking at about 2 more years or so with this. That's pretty nifty.

Now on to this week's gem....pizza with onion confit. I'm in the midst of making it all. It seems to be how I work. Bake, write, finish, taste, write, blog.

Very, very tasty

The dough is rising and the onions are cooking off their delicious drunkenness as we speak. Check out this week's host to get a sneak peak of what's to come. But you have to come back to my blog and finish reading what I have wrote. It will be extremely vital.

So I know you are asking what changes did I make. (I always make changes, right?) Well, I really didn't make any this time. I didn't change the pizza dough recipe and I didn't change the onion confit recipe. The only thing I did do was add some espresso balsamic figs that I had made up a while ago and tossed into the freezer. Think about it...balsamic figs, onions cooked in wine and topped with goat cheese. ooo lala

Pizza's in the oven and wowza does it smell good.

ta da!
It's magnific! I cannot wait to make another....maybe just a bit more cheese. You can never have too much cheese.

later kids


  1. Looks fantastic. The goat cheese looks soooo good. Beautiful.

  2. Those figs sound wonderful. The pizza looks great. Glad you are back (and your back is back). :o)
    If you get a chance, try the pulla....it is awesome.

  3. Balsamic figs sound heavenly! Good to hear you are up and moving again. Do make the Pulla ~ it is delicious.

  4. Looks good.
    Hope you are all recovered. The pulla is worth going back for - one of my favorites from this book.