Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TWD - French Apple Tart

A year ago yesterday our dog, Crash, passed away. We declared yesterday Crash day and honored him by eating his favorite food, chicken. Crash loved chicken more than life itself. He loved chicken so much that one time when he was eating his dog food my husband said chicken (in regards to our upcoming supper) and Crash spit out his dog food and whipped his head around looking for the chicken. I've never laughed so hard in my life. This dog loved chicken.

So yesterday instead of making the tart, I looked at pictures of Crash, ate a little chicken and cried a little. But it's ok. I'm ok and Crash is ok because I'm pretty sure he's getting all the chicken he's ever wanted.

miss you

Well don't let Crash fool you, he had a sweet tooth too and would've loved this tart. And I have always wanted to make a French tart. I love the thin apples carefully laid out in a circle. It really appeals to my OCD side. I have to channel that for good and not evil.

thank gravy for my mandolin!

After baking this little beaute, I didn't feel I had properly achieved the caramelized edges that were pictured in the book. So out comes the blow torch! Don't worry it's just a little guy. Just the perfect size to sizzle each apple edge. Yes more OCD. But look at this picture, wasn't it worth it?

torched to perfection

Ok, now for the 64 dollar question...what did I change? Well everything...almost. I did use granny smith's called for in the recipe. But I used this pie dough recipe. And for the apple mixture, I omitted the cinnamon and added 2 tablespoons of tamarind paste. Yes, tamarind. It's so tangy and sweet. I highly recommend everyone running out right now and getting some at your local latin store. Back? Good, eat some.

Here's our hostest with the mostest for this week, Laws of the Kitchen. She's a lawyer, so you better follow her recipe to the T! Don't do what I did and throw caution to the wind...well maybe throw a little.

later gaters


  1. That is such a sweet story about your dog. I know you miss him.

    Okay, that tart looks fantastic (there's something you can't say everyday). Talking about the tamarind paste reminds me that I made that apple pie made famous on "Good Eats" by the bespectacled one a few years ago. I even ordered the fancy pan, the pie bird, and the Grains of Paradise. It was fantastic, though I would double the Grains content (or maybe I just had lame Grains, who knows). Maybe I'll do the same recipe with the tamarind paste.

    1. I've not used grains of paradise, I'll have to look into that. I still need to make the recipe you sent too! After eating a few slices, this pie has become one of my favorites, the tamarind is really awesome in it!

  2. Great looking tart. Good thinking with the torch! My husband said I should have just put it under the broiler...hmm..maybe next time.
    Lovely story about Crash. It is hard losing a member of the family.

    1. I thought about the broiler too, but was afraid my crust might burn.

  3. Gorgeous design! I'll have to try that tamarind paste...