Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD - Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Some things are better the next day like chili or lasagna and for me, these tarts. I baked them on Sunday and after they cooled, my husband and I took a bite and said "hmmm" (not a good hmmm, just a so-so hmmm). Now, to be fair, I did change the recipe up a bit. I made mini tartlets (even tinier tarts) and instead of the white and dark chocolate chunks and biscotti called for in the recipe, instead I added a little marzipan filling and topped with an almond and some smoked sea salt. Sounded like a winner, eh? Well the next day when I tried one for my morning snack, I was much more pleased. I really enjoyed the filling combination, but I think the crust was just not my favorite. I don't care for chocolate tart crust...I know, I know you are saying it's chocolate for crying out loud. What's wrong with you girl? Well I'm sorry, I don't care for it and you can't make me eat it!

Oh, that reminds me of a story when I was a wee, little lass. My mom would make spaghetti with mushrooms. I hated the mushrooms, hated them....hated them. They were gross tasting, gross texture and just gross. Well, apparently, I complained a little too much one day and was unappreciative of my mom's efforts and my dad very clearly stated, "You aren't leaving this table until you eat every one of those mushrooms. This isn't a restaurant."

Well after eating my gross mushrooms, I realized that they might not be gross and that they might actually be quite tasty. I rather enjoy mushrooms now, in all forms, shapes and colors.

Now one thing has always puzzled me about my dad's statement, it seems that any restaurant I go to doesn't take kindly to substitutions or changes to the menu items. I wonder where this magical restaurant that my dad was referring to is and can I order chocolate tartlets without chocolate tart crust there?


Like the stand? I got it at Target for $8 on sale...nice!

Well here is a link to the recipe, http://spikebakes.tumblr.com/ AND a video of Julia herself. Here is another, http://www.goodeatsblog.com/ and another http://cookbookhabit.blogspot.com/ and finally here, http://awhiskandaspoon.com/2012/02/21/twd-chocolate-truffle-tartlets/

Take care, bye bye now. Bye, bye.

p.s. Thank you to the those who commented on my last post, it was very comforting.


  1. several people have said the crust wasn't right for this for one reason or another. my husband and kids loved it, but i thought it was too much, lol, but that isn't hard if something is made from chocolate.

  2. I like all the creative additions!
    I am not a huge chocolate girl, so I think I would have totally preferred a plain jane or no crust... I guess there REALLY must be something wrong with me :-)

  3. I had a little extra and baked in a souffle cup and it tasted delicious. I think I'll try the filling again with the biscotti and chocolate in a non-chocolate crust.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post...oh, yes, those days when were were told 'eat your veggies'...how can we forget! :)

    Love the creativity and the plate!

    ~ Carmen