Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD - Rugelach

Sometimes instructions are hard to follow. Like "only one sample per person please" or "dry clean only". I might have a hard time following these and quite frankly they are hard to follow. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one and if I am then just call me rule breaker!

I'm not really a rule breaker. It makes me uncomfortable breaking any rules. One time my husband called me uptight in regards to my strict rule following, I got so upset that I went in the kitchen and broke all the dishes on the back patio. I just picked up a whole stack of plates and dropped them on the concrete, next I grabbed the bowls and finally the dessert plates. This set of dishes could serve twenty-four. Twenty-four plates, twenty-four bowls, twenty-four cups, twenty-four saucers and twenty-four dessert plates. And that didn't count our everyday dishes.

Well a couple of things came out of that episode: 1) I opened up a bit to being a little flexible about life and 2) I got a new set of dishes ;)

I tried to follow the instructions with this recipe too, I read it, re-read it and then read it again. But I just could not. Some of it was because I didn't want to, the other was because no matter how much I read the instructions I got confused.

I didn't want to make lekvar and didn't even know if I could find it around here (although after googling it, I thought I was stepping out and being clever by using apple butter... apparently apple butter is a type of lekvar). So I thought, "ohhh, instead of lekvar I'll be clever and use apple butter, that'll make it even more amazing with the walnuts and dried fruit" and then while grocery shopping for the ingredients I made another change, "ohhh, I'll be cheap and use these toffee bits that are a 1/4 of the price of these walnuts, that'll make it even more amazing with the apple butter and forget dried fruit!"

That was the bit where I didn't want to follow the instructions. This next is about how I got confused and couldn't follow the instructions.

So how hard is it to spread a required amount of cinnamon/sugar mixture on the rolled out dough? Apparently very hard. Since I had made the change earlier and choose to go with only toffee and no walnuts or dried fruit I didn't need to mix any of the sugar with the fruit and nuts. So when I was trying to figure out how much cinnamon/sugar to spread on I kept coming up with a lot. I mean when I was spreading this over my apple butter, it just kept pouring and pouring. I was like this is got to be too much. Well upon reading the instructions for the 42nd time I realized that some of the mixture was to be used after the rolls had been rolled.

Well after chilling, waiting and baking this is what happened after non instruction following:

I call these sweet, gooey mess-bombs.

They tasted good, the toffee melted down to a very sticky substance. And even though they might not have been the prettiest, my tasters didn't turn away in disgust.

I do have two more roles in the fridge, I will have to be clever and figure out a way to bake them so that they don't explode. Maybe I can find some instructions ;)

If you want to know what they are supposed to look like, check out this week's host http://mybakingheart.com/ and http://www.theurban-hiker.com/


  1. Glad your tasters liked your sweet gooey mess bombs. My sister always says follow the directions the first time you use a new recipe. She's not entirely wrong I think but not even she follows her advice!

  2. I like the apple butter and toffee idea though.

  3. This was such a complicated recipe! I read it several times and still ended up pretty confused at times. I actually ended up with a lot of left-over sugar mixture so I must have done something "wrong", too. Oh well. Pretty is good but tasty is better!

  4. If it's any consolation, I followed the instructions but still ended up with mess bombs, too! I have no idea what happened but they sure did taste good!

  5. If I thought I could FINALLY get a new set of dishes, I might take mine to the back deck too :-)
    Apple & toffee sounds like a great idea.

  6. Oh no, you must try these again. They are so worth it!

  7. I really fell in love with the dough from this recipe and have used it several times. I made little hands pies and some danish shaped pastries. Even though my rugelach didn't turn out, I think the pie dough was well worth the mess-bombs!